The MODUL Brand Award this year for best leisure hotels for millennials went to Arborea, Mama Thresl, and Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels, with the Arborea Marina Resort Neustadt bagging first prize, handed to the Managing Director, Johann Kerkhofs.

The 2018 Brand Award Project team conducted in-depth research to answer the following question: what is the most attractive leisure resort hotel for millennials in 2018? The MODUL Brand Award, established in 2016 as a part of the International Hotel Investment and Design Club Forum, was held in cooperation with the MODUL University Vienna. Four students from the university, Gabriela BasovskaAnastasiia Mykhailyk, Matthias Frömmel and Georg Hrdlicka, sent out questionnaires to chosen hotel brands.

Follow up calls were conducted with hotel representatives to capture the true spirit of each brand. The brands were analysed on categories such as room design, social spaces, value for money, corporate social responsibility and tangible experience, to name a few. The project was supervised by a team of top hospitality professionals and, from the MODUL University side, by the dean of its undergraduate school Dr. Florian Aubke.

Aneta Ykema, Managing Director, Hoteliart, orchestrated the students’ research activities. She told TOPHOTELNEWS: “I had the pleasure to supervise, coach and lead my team of students in taking an active part in this project for the second time.” “It was a pleasure and also challenge to be the leader of such a dynamic group of students representing the millennial generation,” added Ykema, a hotelier with an illustrious career of 15 years working across the global hotel industry.

2018 marks the third MODUL Brand Award Project, which was conducted in early November at the Hilton Vienna.