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“A hotel is like a beautiful theatre created by actors, who play their roles. Each of them contributes to its magnificence.” – Aneta Ykema


At Hoteliart, we believe that our many years of experience in the hotel industry, based on well-established knowledge, will ensure growth and success for our clients.


An indispensable element of each training is coaching. At Hoteliart we provide consulting services in Polish, English or German.

Our Trainings

The trainings offered by Hoteliart touch every aspect of the hotel industry. We believe that good hospitality is a real art – we learn how to become a champion in it.

Hoteliart - consulting with passion

Key Account Management

Training providing information, supported by practical solutions for managing corporate clients and establishing good business relationships with them in order to be successful.

Challenger Sale

What is the secret to sales success? Is it being always willing to go an extra mile, building customer relationships, following your own instincts, and reliably responding to all customer’s needs?

MICE - the art of effective sales and service of a conference guest

Each telephone conversation with a client gives an unusual opportunity to contribute to the development of a hotel. That’s why proper preparation is the first step to successful MICE sales.

Negotiations in Sales – the power of information and preparation

Negotiation is a mixture of preparation, tactic and strategy set in a proper way, and additionally it turns out to be a very successful tool in every business. Your power in a negotiation lies in using resources you have at your disposal to influence other circumstances.

Hoteliart - trainings with passion

Reception – a hotel’s heart

The reception is the first and last place of contact with the guest. The role of the reception is not only limited to cooperation with other departments like booking or floor service. The most important is the welcome process at the reception.

Exceptional Site Inspections

There is only one chance to make the first impression. How to delight guests and make them choose your hotel from among many others? What really distinguishes your hotel from the competition?

Is your hotel ready for Millennial guest and employee?

Many of us define Millennials as young people walking with their eyes and hands glued to smartphones, barely noticing the world around them. However, when any of these people are planning a vacation or booking a business trip, the impression they form when searching for a hotel on a smartphone will be crucial during the decision making process.

Coaching as an effective staff management tool

Training providing information, based on practical solutions for employee management. How to talk with your teams to build trust and not lose your employee’s respect?
A hotel is like a beautiful theatre created by actors, who play their roles. Each of them contributes to its magnificence.

We all want to be treated like a VIP – it’s in our nature. When we think of a favourite restaurant, most of us will probably remember a place where the food is good and the service is unforgettable. We like to go to a place where we feel special.

Guests choose hotels in a similar way. They choose a particular hotel because there they feel really welcome.

Aneta Ykema, Managing Director


Aneta Ykema

The founder and Managing Director of the HOTELIART company – the art of hotel management, which offers trainings and coaching, based on well-established knowledge and many years of international hotel experience. Coaching is an integral part of every training that on request may be carried out in Polish, English or German.

A hotelier with passion and 15 years of international professional experience gained in prestigious hotel chains, such as: Best Western, Orbis, Small Luxury Hotels, Accor Hotels, Lindner Hotels AG, InterContinental Hotels Group in the United States, Germany, Austria and Poland.

An expert in the field of sales, key account management and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Events). She managed leading corporate and government clients (Embassies, European Union Delegation to the UN, OSCE – Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) in Vienna representing the IHG hotel chain on behalf of the InterContinental Vienna hotel.

A graduate of Master’s studies at the Hotel Management Department at the University of Physical Education in Poznan and MBA studies with specializations of Hotel & Tourism Development and Real Estate Development at the MODUL University of Vienna.

A certified hotel trainer “Train the trainer.” A holder of numerous awards and certifications: Accor Academy “MICE Sale,” IFH – Inspirations For Hospitality: “Hotel management based on USALI,” “Effective Leadership,” “Coaching as a management tool.”

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